Superior Wall Construction for Peace of Mind

Fox Blocks walls are double-insulated, steel-reinforced concrete walls that are ready for your exterior and interior finishes and will provide peace of mind as they are ready to meet tomorrow’s building codes today.

All Season Protection for a Net Zero Building

Resilient construction means you are ready for any extreme weather event. Plus, our walls will help you meet your net zero goals, providing you with significant energy savings for life.

Education and Training Provided

Save time on your project. Our support team will come to your job site to help you with training, and our videos and resource center is available 24/7 to answer questions you may have.

See How Fox Blocks is Used on Real Projects

  • 2012 West Vancouver BC Residence

    This 5,200 square foot home was built on the side of a mountain. The client wanted a high-end property that would be quiet, comfortable and sustainable, all on a wood frame budget, and Fox Blocks delivered. Learn how.

    See Case Study
  • 2016 Cabela's

    Even though this 40,000 square foot building was constructed during one of the worst winters in over 30 years, they managed to reduce the original timeline from 22 weeks to 10 weeks, just by using Fox Blocks. Learn how.

    See Case Study
  • 22 Story Student Dormitory

    Located in Waterloo, ON, this 104,000 square foot dormitory won an ICF Builder Award. The entire building used 12-inch core ICF walls that were reinforced, including the freestanding exterior wing wall. Learn more.

    See Case Study

Why Should I Choose ICF?

ICF gets more popular every year. But before choosing this construction material, you should ask yourself these 13 questions to be sure it’s right for you.

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6-In-1: The Elements That
Make Our Walls Superior

Concrete Form With Rebar Support

Steel-reinforced concrete


Continuous Exterior And Interior Insulation

R-value of 23.5


Air Barrier

Solid monolithic wall


Vapor Retarder

PERM rating of < 1.0


Embedded Full Height Furring

Embedded attachment strips
8" on center


Reversible Interlock

Reversible top & bottom interlock saves time and reduces product needs


The Benefits of a Fox Blocks Wall

Unlimited Design Detailing and Exterior - Interior Finishes

With blocks available in a number of shapes, sizes, and concrete core thicknesses, we can create any design you can dream up. Plus, our wall assembly works with all exterior - interior finishings you choose to use, from EIFS, traditional stucco, brick, stone, fiber cement siding or drywall.

Unparalleled Comfort and Quiet

Our wall assembly provides indoor comfort and improves a building’s performance characteristics for the interior environment by eliminating moisture intrusion, managing the air flow and allowing for accurate climate control and minimizing sound mitigation.

Strength Against the Elements

Our ICF wall assembly meets and exceeds safety/resilience/durability requirements for Division 03 Concrete, Section 031119 ICF; Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) & FEMA-ATFP Federal Military and DoD Standards FEMA-ATFP.

Lifetime of Savings

The performance characteristics of our wall assembly can reduce a building’s heating and cooling cost dramatically (up to 50%) and puts Net Zero Energy goals within reach.

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